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Bridging the Gap to Fully Restore the Warrior Spirit


Our first order of business is the development of the Magnus Veterans Wellness Center (MVWC).  Your donation will help develop the most comprehensive approach to health, wellness, and performance for veterans and their families by creating the MVWC.  This first-of-its-kind facility will house social, spiritual, physical, medical and psychological experts who are completely devoted to optimizing veteran and veteran family health and performance.

Tour of the future site of the Magnus Veterans Wellness Center.

The Wellness Center estate was donated by a Minnesota patriot.  Your donation will build upon her generosity to heal and honor our veterans through community fellowship and a comprehensive approach to restoring the mind, body, heart and spirit.  Our initial funding drives will support the creation of the MVWC.  Future funding drives will build upon MVWC successes in hopes of assisting other communities across the country.  Donate now.

Magnus Veterans Wellness Center Milestones

  • September 12, 2020: Official Funding Launch/Celebration for Magnus Veterans Wellness Center
  • Summer 2021: Initial MVWC Operations (1,000 members/patients). Sign up to reserve.
  • Summer 2022: MVWC Grand Opening (5,000 patients). Sign up to reserve.


Save the Date: Saturday, September 12, 2020

Who: All are invited

What: Official Launch of Funding Drive for the Magnus Veterans Wellness Center

Where: Magnus Veterans Wellness Center Campus

MVF Wellness Model

Physical Performance

Key human performance measures include strength, agility, flexibility, and balanced nutrition.

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Psychological Performance

The psychological impacts of war have been studied since the onset of war.

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Spiritual Performance

Veterans and their families come from every spiritual and religious background.

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Social Performance

How veterans and their families relate to each other and to their communities is critical to full healing and restoration.

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About Us

Veterans and their families founded the Magnus Veterans Foundation, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, for veterans and their families. The organization’s founders have 104 years of combined military service, most of which within our Special Operations Forces. Many of our founders were prior enlisted Soldiers before continuing training to serve our brothers and sisters in arms. The founders of Magnus include physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, human performance specialists, information technology specialists, community leaders, and wounded warrior advocates.

We understand the impact of war on our comrades, our families, and our communities. We have pledged to devote our professions and leadership to restore the warrior spirit and fully span the gap between our communities and our warriors.

Our Vision

Healing and honoring our veterans and their families through community fellowship and a comprehensive approach to restoring the mind, body, heart, and spirit.

Our Future Together

The Magnus Veterans Foundation will research, organize, and develop facilities and resources that specialize in veteran health and optimize veteran performance.  Our facilities and partnerships will go well beyond traditional primary care services by focusing on the whole person (physical, spiritual, psychological, and social) to achieve individualized performance goals.  We will close the gap between those who go to war and those who send them by creating unique veteran-community collaborative engagement opportunities.

Our first order of business is to establish the Magnus Veterans Wellness Center (MVWC), the most comprehensive approach to Veteran and Veteran Family health and wellness to date. The MVWC will serve veterans and veteran families who are interested in optimizing their own personal health and performance.  The MVWC will be built on the grounds of a serene and beautiful estate in Dayton, MN and will include a medical and psychological health clinic, human performance facility, mindfulness spaces, artistic spaces and multiple community engagement venues. Our professional staff will provide medical and psychological services, while community volunteers will provide spiritual and social services to fully connect the community and their Warriors. Several local faith leaders, business owners, and citizens have pledged their time and expertise in support of our spiritual and social domains.

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