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The Wellness Model of Magnus

Less than 2% of our nation’s population serve in the Armed Services.  Veterans and Veteran Families share a unique background, creating a specific segment within our nation with unique care requirements.  Our elite Special Operations Forces have recognized this truth for the past several years, creating an innovative approach to Warrior and Warrior Family wellness and performance through the U.S. Special Operations Command Perseveration of the Force and Family (POTFF) initiative.  POTFF was created to ensure our elite Warriors and their Families remain healthy, whole, and well through two decades of continuous combat operations.

Our founders have witnessed the impact of POTFF on our brothers and sisters-at-arms and understand the incredible potential that this approach has for our Veterans and their Families.  While POTFF inspired our movement, Veteran populations have needs that are different from our active duty brothers and sisters. Once our Veterans exit active service, they are often without the brotherhood and sisterhood that sustained them for so long.  Furthermore, the gap between our military and non-military families adds to the realization of that loss.  Some have connected the rise in veteran morbidity to that gap.  MVF is committed to bridging that gap to fully reconnect our Warriors to our Communities while addressing the whole person and family to fully Restore the Warrior Spirit.

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Comprehensive Health Performance

Optimal performance is overall health and wellness, which begins with evidence-based preventive medical screening and individualized treatment plans that are developed in partnership between the provider and the patient. Our primary care treatment team is responsible for organizing the entire performance team to reach the full potential of each individual member.  Our Five Pillar Leadership possesses the professional expertise, tools and insight to provide the highest level of specialized primary care for our Veterans and their Families.

MVF Psych Performance

Psychological Performance

The psychological impacts of war have been studied since the onset of war. The extent of those impacts are specific to the veteran and the veteran’s family.  Our highly trained and experienced psychological performance experts specialize in unique treatment plans necessary for the recovery from psychological traumas experienced by our Veterans and their Families.

Physical Performance

Key human performance measures include strength, agility, flexibility, and balanced nutrition. The right facilities and specialized staff are key to individuals reaching their pinnacle of human performance.  Our human performance coordinators, nutritionists, and strength coaches will ensure each member reaches their personal goal, be it the elderly Veteran who wants to climb the stairs to sleep in his own bed to the young Veteran who wants to run her first ultra-marathon.

Spiritual Performance

Veterans and their families come from every spiritual and religious background. Regardless of their backgrounds , connecting veterans and their families to a higher purpose provides meaning to their sacrifices and establishes a framework for healing.  MVF will partner with community spiritual leaders from all walks-of-life to ensure our Veterans and their Families fully understand that their sacrifices are acknowledged and meaningful.

Social Performance

How veterans and their families relate to each other and to their communities is crucial to full healing and restoration. Spanning the gap between those who would go to war and those who would send them is critical to promoting family and community healing. Consider the following historical contrast: A 1940’s Cosmopolitan or Life magazine would include several articles on supporting the war effort, such as buying war bonds or supporting scrap metal drives.  How does that compare to today’s war effort?  How long would you have to scroll to get to the first mention of our current wars on your news app?  When WW2 Veterans returned, they returned to a nation who was collectively with them (Rosie the Riveter).  How does that compare with today’s wars?