Free healthcare is a unique medical option that may be hard to believe but that is truly what Magnus has here for our members. At Magnus Veterans Wellness Campus there are no co-pays and you won’t receive a bill from Magnus.

Our physicians can perform physical exams, assess your medical history and explain risk factors. Like other big clinic providers, your Magnus primary care provider can order preventative health screenings, keep you up to date with medication review and disease management. If testing or an exam is recommended, then your Magnus provider can write a referral to an outside provider of your choice. Their costs will apply and they will likely bill your health insurance.

There are lots of savings for veterans and their families by choosing to have Magnus be your primary care provider.

The benefit of Membership goes beyond medical/psychological clinical care. Magnus is a place where you can go to find peace, understanding, respect, comradeship and feel like you belong.

Programming options are always being added and tried out for members interests. Check out the Events Calendar, which is updated monthly.

Yoga classes, by Jonna Duke, RYT 500 Yoga Teacher are a regular offering. They include Gentle Yoga and Yoga Nidra (relaxation yoga) with different date and time options.

Workout in the gym on the amazing equipment donated by LifeFitness. You can even have a FREE Personal Trainer, which is easy to schedule:   Some of the equipment is located in a climate controlled area of the human performance facility with a fabulous view of the lake to make a treadmill feel like you’re walking outdoors.

The property is for your use: fish in the stocked pond, have a picnic by the water fountain, meditate in the Gazebo or Greenhouse, walk the grounds, access Diamond Lake, walk, sit under a tree, enjoy the hosta garden and beautiful waterfall, meet up with other members or bring your family, heal and restore your soul in the mindful and artistic spaces.

Members can also hold member-run events. Email us.

Not a number

As soon as I arrived at the Magnus Veterans Wellness Campus, I felt respected, seen and acknowledged for my prior service. In other healthcare settings, you are a number.

-Kristy, US Army Veteran

A place I can finally call home

I served as a US Marine from 2006-2011 as an infantryman in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I was honorably/medically discharged in 2011. When I heard about MVF, I went to the open house and spoke to the care staff. From the time I got there, the staff treated me like family. As I got to know them, they listened and didn’t pass judgment. Unlike other veteran organizations, I personally feel more comfortable and confident that I will get the help I need at MVF, a place I can finally call home!

~ Andrew, US Marine

Valued as a female veteran

Peace of mind has been a long time coming for me and I was unable to reach it using conventional VA facilities and doled out pharmaceuticals. From day one, walking into Magnus’ environment, my sense of self transpired and continues to do so with the feeling of acceptance by all staff members and guests! I feel valued as a woman Veteran for the first time after trying to find my quietude since retiring after twenty years of service in 1996. As I walk into campus, I lose my mind and find my soul. I am a much better person for belonging to this expansive, multi-care Campus. Please join me.

~ Leah, US Air Force Veteran

I had a heart attack

My heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery opened up some bad memories during my recovery and I was struggling with mental health problems. Magnus’ Dr. Isaac Engholm and Psychological Director, Rachael Peterson, came to my rescue. Dr. Isaac made me feel like I was his only patient. His calmness and care were unbelievable medicine. I never saw a counselor before and Rachael was nothing like I imagined. She listened, asked questions, gave me advice and was never judgmental on the good, bad, and ugly things I told her. I knew she wanted to help me.

Magnus is such a rare gem for us veterans to possess. I have such gratitude for these professionals. I truly believe they saved my life. They will listen and help. Let them help you.

~ Bruce, US Navy Veteran

Exemplary and unique programming is within reach for you to achieve your personal goals with total wellness. If you are a member and you have any questions about scheduling or programming, please email us.