Frequently Asked Questions

Who does the Magnus Veterans Foundation serve?

MVF was established to serve our Veterans and their Families.  This includes Veterans who were honorably separated, Veterans who continue to serve, and all immediate Family members (Spouse, Siblings, Parents, and Children) of current and past Veterans.

How is the Magnus Veterans Foundation different from other veteran non-profit organizations?

There are many great Veteran organizations throughout our country and we hope to partner with as many of them as possible.  MVF is the first Veteran non-profit organization to combine comprehensive primary care with performance specialty domains in order to fully optimize the health and performance of our Veterans and their Families.  Furthermore, MVF is committed to fully Restoring the Warrior Spirit by bridging the gap between our Veterans and the Communities they served.

What inspired the Magnus Veterans Foundation approach to Veteran health and performance?

Our military has been engaged in the ongoing wars for the past 18 years.  Our elite Special Operations Forces (SOF) have been continuously engaged in combat since September 11, 2001.  SOF recognized the importance of comprehensive support to the mind, body, spirit, and families through their Preservation of the Force and Family (POTFF) program.  The POTFF program inspired the MVF founders, most of whom have seen the positive impacts of the program, to develop a Veteran program committed to a Strong Body, Sound Mind, and Connected Heart.

Who started the Magnus Veterans Foundation and why?

MVF was created by Veterans and Veteran Families for Veterans and Veteran Families.   Our founders include medical and performance specialists with diverse military backgrounds and multiple combat deployments.  Many have witnessed the importance of a comprehensive and coordinated approach to optimizing health and wellness for our Veterans and their Families.  MVF founders and staff are devoting their post-military lives to this effort in order to fully heal and honor our nation’s Warriors and their Families.

What is the Magnus Veterans Wellness Campus?

A Dayton, Minnesota patriot gifted a beautiful 37-acre estate to the MVF to establish a serene healing space entirely devoted to Veterans and their Families.  Her generous gift will be transformed into the Magnus Veterans Wellness Campus (MVWC).  The MVWC will establish a one-stop shop for all things health and performance, including primary care medical teams, psychological performance specialists, spiritual performance specialists, physical performance specialists, and social performance specialists supported by a multitude of community volunteers.  The MVWC will provide individual evaluations to develop personalized roadmaps to health and performance optimization using validated and coordinated methods.  Individual insurance plans will cover medical care.  All MVWC services will be supported by MVF donations and be completely free to Veterans and their families.  Once complete, the MVWC will serve 5000 Veterans and Veteran Family Members.  Contact us now to reserve your spot.

How will my tax-exempt donations be used by the Magnus Veterans Foundation?

Our first three years will be devoted to the creation of the Magnus Veterans Wellness Center.  Your tax-exempt donation will support the following:

Phase 1 (Now – Nov 2019): Initial start-up, staffing, MVWC planning and marketing costs

Phase 2 (Nov 2019- Nov 2020): Initial operations and construction of the MVWC, Sponsor 1000 Veterans and Veteran Family Members

Phase 3 (Nov 2020- Nov 2021): Final construction, Sponsor 5000 Veterans and Veteran Family Members

Phase 4 (Sustainment and Growth): Ongoing sponsorship of MVWC patients and expansion of the MFV Wellness Model to other communities



What about the name?
Magnus the Good, son of Saint Olaf, was an 11th Century Viking king. He was a warrior king who understood the toll that combat took on those who experienced it firsthand. Following the largest battle of his day, he selected 12 of his men, based on the softness of their hands, to care for the wounded. Those 12 men became the forefathers of great
Viking healers.

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