Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

MVF was established to serve our Veterans and their family. This includes Veterans who were honorably separated, Veterans who continue to serve, and all immediate family, individually (Spouse, Children, Parents, and Siblings) of current and past Veterans.

Is this like a regular clinic?

The Magnus Veterans Wellness Clinic is a family medicine clinic. At its core it provides and coordinates care between physicians, psychologists, physical therapists, etc. We function like a small primary care clinic. We assess your wellness with a complete history & physical and provide medical care that can happen here on campus. Like other small clinics, we provide orders to be taken elsewhere for tests, x-ray, lab work, further specialist exams and treatment that goes beyond what the MVWC can do on campus, if they need to be done. We coordinate your wellness care.

Why do you call us members?

Becoming a member means that you have privileges to use all of the facilities here. While it includes medical care options, membership is much more than being a patient, such as: Exercising in the brand-new performance facility which has top-of-the-line equipment from Life Fitness; Programming, like Yoga, Educational Workshops, kids nature walks; Volunteering opportunities on the Magnus Campus for things that you like to do; Relaxing on the beautiful grounds, where you can fish, picnic, socialize, be. Membership means YOU BELONG, and you are a member.

What are the benefits of belonging to the Magnus Veterans Wellness Campus?

Along with access to our medical team and subject matter experts on campus by appointment, you have access to use the property during open hours, 9am-4pm. We require you to sign-in at the reception desk in the main clinic building. Many enjoyable events are in the planning and we invite our members to help with ideas to grow our programming options. 

How much does it cost?

The cost per individual is $50 per member/month. Our members do not pay for this. Free membership is provided by the Magnus Veterans Foundation with fundraisers and donations from our community of sponsors. 

Do I have to have health insurance?

Care at the MVWC does not mean that you no longer have care from other providers, especially if you are already under a physicians care somewhere that you are satisfied with and want to continue. Care at MVWC could potentially be all you need and save you a lot of money. MVWC care includes preventive and medical care visits, by appointment, as well as simple procedures and some limited lab tests. The MVWC will not bill you for our clinic care. When necessary, our members are given medical orders from us to have testing or procedures done off of our campus. We have low-cost referral options that you can consider using. You can choose where to go for tests/labs/procedures. Providers outside of our campus will bill you and occasionally a small fee is required at ordering time. Insurance coverage may be needed to cover those costs. Everyone should be enrolled in health insurance, specific to your needs from your choice of provider, no matter what your age is. Medicare and Medicaid options are taken into consideration. Costs may occur for treatment that goes outside of what we can perform directly in our clinic, on our property, and is entirely dependent on the outside care facility, their charges, and your insurance plan coverage.

Can a member sponsor other veterans or family of veterans?

Yes, you can always donate to Magnus Veterans Foundation to sponsor as many members as you like.

Do I have to commit to each of the performance domains?

Yes, this is the model has been validated by our active-duty special operations forces.  You set your own medical, physical, spiritual, social, and psychological goals.

What if I only want to commit to one or two of the domains?

There are plenty of clinics or businesses that focus on just medical or just psychological. Wellness is for the whole person. If you do not want to participate in a total wellness program, then this program membership is not a good fit for you.

This seems too good to be true. What is the catch?

No catch. It is time to bring this successful model from Special Forces to our veterans and their families. You don’t have to be designated as disabled to belong here, to receive care, to benefit from membership activity. We look to restore the whole person with a strong body, connected heart, and sound mind in our approach to total wellness. Many of us don’t think we need “healing” until we see what total wellness really means. By helping you be your best, our mission is achieved.

What can I do to help Magnus Veterans Foundation and the Wellness Campus reach its goals?

Your level of involvement is up to you. If you want to help, spread the word to other veterans and their families. Have them sign up now while we still have space. Then, become an active advocate for Magnus Veterans Foundation. Join us on Facebook and help spread the word about our events and news, host a fundraiser like grilled hot dogs at your business, volunteer however much you can. Handout information pages and direct people to our website. Engage your employer, churches, social groups, and community to pledge to support one or two (or ten) veterans per year. Direct them to our DONATE link.

Join, Volunteer, Donate. You help only as much as you can or want to. Your first priority as a member is you!



What is my first step?

There is no commitment or obligation when you complete an intake form on the JOIN link. It is just our way of gathering information about you to begin the process of eligibility for membership. After we receive the new member application form, our medical team will contact you for a welcome visit where you would have a conversation with our physician, possibly an exam, and it takes about 90 minutes. That’s where you’ll discover if we can create a specialized plan for you to achieve your personal goals and decide if membership is right for you.