2022: Magnus Walk Home for Veterans

“Veterans return home from their service every day and quietly slip back into our cities and towns mostly unnoticed, frequently living lives that never quite find a complete connection to the communities in which they live. Like a brick in a wall without mortar, they are present yet not connected. Neither do they support the wall nor are they bound to the strength of the wall, easily removed and discarded. For a veteran, finding the pathway to complete connection with their community can be a long walk home.” ~Jared Ross

Hiking Hundreds of Miles in the Year 2022

To bring awareness to and hopefully change these ugly statistics:

  • 23+ daily veteran suicides
  • Veterans addictions
  • Veterans suboptimal levels of health
  • Veterans inability to restore
  • Veterans family impact

Magnus Veterans Foundation members and supporters will hike hundreds of miles on the Superior Hiking Trail in Minnesota to raise awareness of the struggles that many Veterans have when they return to civilian life.

Donors who wish to memorialize or pay tribute to our nation’s heroes will have their veteran’s name and details read in nightly fireside ceremonies along the hikers’ journey that we will video and publish on YouTube. We will create dog tags for veterans being honored through your donation, carry those dog tags the entire length of the trail, and then present those dog tags to the sponsor when we return.

Our Founder, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Shawn Alderman, M.D., a former Green Beret and Family Physician, and MVF Board Officer, Sergeant Major (Retired) Jared Ross, a former Green Beret and Senior Business Leader will lead the hike with boots on the ground.

This campaign will be publicized to remember veterans sacrifices and losses; raise the awareness that far too many of our veterans take their own lives (veteran suicide is 1.5 times  greater than non-veteran suicide); recognize the impact that military service can have on families; and highlight the challenges unique to our military families. 

The Magnus Veterans Foundation was created to change those ugly statistics – to bridge the gap between military service and civilian life – to heal and honor our veterans and help those in need to safely return home in body, heart, mind, and spirit. They deserve all the help we can give them.

Hike with us, sponsor, donate, pay a tribute to your veteran. Whatever way you choose to participate or contribute, we are grateful for your gift to our veteran families.