Bringing Veterans and Community Together

At the end of our final Concert on the Lawn with the fun entertainment of Hard Day’s Night, Dr. Shawn Alderman gathered the crowd together, along with Echo, the attending therapy horse, in a group of solidarity and love for veterans. We shouted – “God Bless America and Thank You to all of our armed services.” This is what we mean when we say we’re uniting the veterans who went to war with the people that they went for, bringing both communities together.


MVF celebrated the opening of the Magnus Veterans Wellness Campus with our members, veteran families, volunteers, donors, and our community with tremendous fun, energy, and music on the lawn. Thank you to the entertainers: “Maiden Dixie”, “Alive & Kickin”, “Vintage Guitar”, “Brad & Josh”, and “Hard Day’s Night”. Thank you to our food vendors: “Just The Meats”, “Smokin’ Joe’s”, “Diamond Lake Roadside Coffee”, “Grumpy Donuts”, “POUR”, and the Dayton Lions Club. While these events raised funds to sponsor veterans’ memberships, they also helped raise public awareness that Magnus is here and what our mission is. Word got out. Friends told friends. The Magnus crew looks forward to bringing more community events to this beautiful property in our prime location over upcoming seasons, generating increasing interest, membership, donations, and fulfilling our mission to improve the quality of life for veterans and their families with all of our endeavors. Enjoy the gallery below.