Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

MVF was established to serve our Veterans and their Families.  This includes Veterans who were honorably separated, Veterans who continue to serve, and all immediate Family members (Spouse, Siblings, Parents, and Children) of current and past Veterans. Contact your veteran friends and families and encourage them to sign up now!

How much does it cost?

The cost per individual is $50 per member/month, which is covered by donations from the community.

Is this like a regular clinic?

MVWC is a clinic and so much more. At its core is a family medicine clinic which coordinates care between psychologists, physical therapists, chaplains, community events and much more.  Proposed activities include farm therapy, yoga therapy, art therapy, wood and metal working therapy, and pottery therapy as well.

Why do you call us members?

Belonging to the MVWC means that you are much more than a patient. You belong, and you are a member.

What are the benefits of belonging to the Magnus Veterans Wellness Campus?

Along with access to subject matter experts, you will have access to the property during duty hours or by reservation.  For example, you will be able to reserve a time to host a large gathering on the weekend, fish at the duck pond, walk by the lake, or just enjoy the sitting areas.  Many enjoyable events are in the planning such as our Music on the Lawn Summer Series.

Can a member sponsor other veterans or family of veterans?

Yes, you can always donate to Magnus Veterans Foundation to sponsor as many members as you like.

Why do I have to commit to each of the performance domains: medical, physical, spiritual, social, and psychological?

This model has been validated by our active-duty special operations forces.  You set your own physical, spiritual, social, and psychological goals.

What if I only want to commit to one or two of the domains?

There are plenty of clinics that focus on just medical or just psychological. If you do not want to participate in a total wellness program, then this is not a good fit for you.

Do I have to have health insurance?

No.  MVWC does not require you to have health insurance, nor will it send bills to your insurance payer for services. Our goal is to cover as much of your care needs 100% with the sponsored fees.  Primary care includes preventive visits, urgent care visits at MVWC, procedures, and some limited labs.  It does not include hospitalizations, radiology, surgeries, or colonoscopies.  It is always recommended to enroll in health insurance specific to your needs.

This seems too good to be true. What is the catch?

No catch. It is time to bring this model from Special Forces to our veterans.  By helping you be your best, you will be able to care for our fellow brothers and sisters. 

What can I do to help Magnus Veterans Foundation and the Wellness Campus reach its goals?

First, spread the word to our veterans and their families.  Have them sign up now while we still have space.  Then, become an active advocate for Magnus Veterans Foundation (MVF) and the MVWC immediately.  Spread the word, host fundraisers. Engage your employer, churches, social groups, and community to pledge to support one or two (or ten) veterans per year.