Exciting Announcement: Naming Opportunities at Magnus Veterans Wellness Campus!

by | Jan 26, 2021 | Events

We are excited to announce naming opportunities for the Magnus Veterans Wellness Campus. Contact our Executive Director Brad Nylin at brad.nylin@magnusveteransfoundation.org to reserve your opportunity to name one of these items after your family, a veteran loved-one, a business, etc. Your chosen name will be displayed proudly at that location and show the world your commitment to our Veterans, their families, and our community.
Suzanne R. Rawlings Wellness Center: $2,000,000

Vincent E. Egan Human Performance Center: $2,000,000


Board Room: $100,000
Waiting Room: $100,000
Benches around duck pond x 6: $5000 each
Benches around house x 3: $2500 each
Foundation Offices x 2: $50,000 each
Psychological Performance Area: $250,000
Comprehensive Performance Area (Medical Clinic): $300,000
Grand Meeting Room (basement): $400,000
Greenhouse: $250,000
Poolhouse: $100,000
Pool: $100,000
Social Performance Center (Old Barn): $1,000,000
Gazebo: $500,000
Amphitheater North: $750,000
Ampitheater West: $750,000
Parade Field by Lake: $750,000
White Garage: $100,000
West Entrance: $150,000
East Entrance: $150,000
North South Road from HWY144 to Lake (currently Epiphany Way): $1,000,000
East West Road below warehouse: $250,000
Assorted Clinic Rooms: $25,000 each